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Corporative Presents

During our growth we have been carrying out design, communication and presentation of ideas to meet the requests of our clients, institutions and companies, in terms of corporate gifts. Thanks to our work in the workshop we can design the necessary specifications requested by the client, making it possible to turn that idea into a jewel.

Handmade jewelry

Nerea is the person behind this jewelry brand. Trained in the jewelry sector, she is committed to the value of Craftsmanship and innovation. Their designs try to captivate the wearer of the jewel and attract new concepts of jewelry with good design and the use of textures and finishes.

Sustainable Jewelry

Our jewels are made of noble metals and this raw material, such as silver and gold, comes from the regeneration of resources. This means that the method used to extract the silver is not harmful, since the supplier company extracts it by electrolysis from the developer fixer liquid.

Custom Designs

In addition to own samples collections we also design and manufacture. From an idea, a memory, a reason, we arrive at a personalized jewel. We also make corporate jewelry, with your company logo and with the idea of ??the commemoration you need.

«Company subsidized by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife in the call for support for the marketing strategy of the Fashion and Craft Sector 2022»