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1. Terms of Service.

1.1 Defining user.

Access and/or use of the website ( grants to whoever makes the user status of it, accepting from that moment, and without reservation, these General Terms and Conditions.

Subject to the regulations contained in these Terms of Use, responsible for the possibility of establishing specific conditions of use, to regulate certain services and/or contents, being in that case also linked users reserve by any particular conditions of use which, if any, were published.

In general, any Internet user holds the ability to access the content made available to the public through, although access to certain services is restricted to registered users, as detailed below.

1.2 User Account

Any user who wishes to use the services, contents and utilities restricted nature made available through must be considered for registration and processing high on the website, by creating a user account.

Any user who proceeds to registration expressly acknowledges, understand and accept these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, declaring its intention to comply with each and every one of the obligations the same. registration and user account creation require the supply by the user a series of personal data. responsible for ensuring that such data will be treated in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy made available to users.

In parallel, the user expressly agrees and undertakes to ensure the accuracy of the information provided and / or reported at the time of completing the registration form, or any other tools through providing personal data.

Also, the procedure of registration and registered user of supply required, by the user, a password (password or password), whose purpose is to protect the user’s account at any attempt to unauthorized access the same. In order to ensure privacy and individuality of the user accounts, the system prompts this key or password authentication mode in advance access to the user account.

The user is solely responsible for the custody of their passwords to the system. makers assume no liability, either directly or indirectly, in respect of custody made by the user for their user identification and authentication of unlawful interference that may occur in the user account, or uses those keys that perform third with or without consent.

If the user is a minor and want to create a user account, be submitted for prior obtaining permission and / or consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be, for all purposes, as the subsidiary responsible for the acts performed by minors in their care in accordance with applicable law.

Nevertheless, and based on this, those responsible for report that it is not possible to control anytime access minors to the website, being the sole responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor and assist minors Internet browsing, and not assuming the responsibility responsible for any damage that could possibly suffer a minor as a result of access to content made available to the public through

1.3.- Cancellation of the user account.

All participant who has a user account, holds the possibility to terminate and cancel the same, being qualified to do the procedure sending an email to the address, which simply They should indicate your desire to cancel and/or terminate your user account on

The cancellation of the user account will, for the user who until then was recorded, the inability to access their account from the time of low and restricted to the content and services on the portal

Similarly, in the event that those responsible for become aware that a user is conducting a use of content and services made available through the web page that is inappropriate, unlawful or contrary to current regulations and / or these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to deny access and / or use of to the user as well as the possibility to unilaterally cancel your user account, if any.

The cancellation of the user account by those responsible for will be communicated to the user in future attempts to access the service they could perform.

2. Obligations and responsibility of users.

2.1 Obligations of the user.

The user agrees to use the website accordance with the provisions established by the laws and regulations in force, good faith, public order and generally accepted habits and customs.

The user expressly agrees to make appropriate use of and its contents, according to the possibilities and services they offer, as well as the purposes for which they are intended.

The user agrees not to use, its contents and / or dissemination tools that it makes available for illicit or illegal, or harmful to the rights and / or interests of those responsible for NereaGMurillo. com or third parties.

Users also agree not to cause harm, injury or damage to the software, tools and / or contents that are the basis of the website no longer prevent their normal operation. makers assume no liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from breach of these obligations by users.

2.2 User responsibility.

Each user shall be liable solely and exclusively, the use made regarding the tools made available through

The user is solely responsible for the use they make of illicit, illegal or not permitted by current regulations, either with or without economic purpose purposes.

You assume in any case unique and exclusively, the responsibilities of any kind which may arise as a result of a breach of these Terms of Use. makers are expressly excluded from any liability, either directly or indirectly, for any damage and / or injury caused the user and / or a third party to come caused by misuse , intentional or not, the user of the contents, tools and utilities made available through this website, or failure to comply with these Terms and, where appropriate, of the Special Conditions, by the user.

3.- Liability makers assume no responsibility whatsoever for damages and/or losses of any nature that the website user or third party may suffer, and come derived from:

The lack of availability, maintenance or effective functioning of the web page, its services or contents.

The fact that a third party, breaching the security measures in place, use, its contents or services for the remission of viruses or other damage electronically, or make unauthorized treatment of stored data.

For any use that, in general, can make the user and / or third party web page, its services or content made available to the public through them, would be contrary to these Terms of Use, good faith, morality, public order or morality, or the provisions of the regulations.

4. Third party liability, advertising and / or links.

4.1 Links and information provided by third parties. can hold, temporarily or permanently, links, links or hyperlinks that redirect users to other websites. If any such links or links, will be solely to facilitate and enable access to content and / or services that may be of interest to users, not being managed or controlled by those responsible for not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, derived from the connections that can be made, or content that is accessed via the aforementioned links, nor does it guarantee the technical availability, legality, reliability, usefulness, quality, reliability, accuracy, morality or correctness of the contents, information and / or services accessed through these links, as long as these contents and / or service does not directly managed or controlled by those responsible for

Accordingly, the User assumes sole responsibility for damages that may be incurred as a result of the use they make of the web pages linked from

4.2 Advertising. can hold banners, logos, advertisements or other advertising media and / or sponsored meeting certain content and / or services made available to the public through the website.

If there is this advertising or sponsorship, advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible to ensure and guarantee that the advertising material meets every one of the legal requirements that may be applicable. assumes no liability, either directly or indirectly, for any errors, inaccuracies, illegalities and / or irregularities that may include advertising or sponsorship content made available to the public, where appropriate, through web page.

The user is solely responsible for all those contractual or tort which, if any, could engage with advertisers and / or sponsors, as well as participation in competitions, promotions or sale of goods and / or services.

In case of such legal relations, they are deemed to be made exclusively between the user and the third party advertiser or sponsor, whether the latter person or entity, not being responsible for part in the legal relationship in any case .

5. Intellectual Property.

The user expressly agrees and undertakes to respect each and every one of the provisions, terms and requirements established by the laws governing Intellectual Property (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, which approves the revised text of the Copyright Act), as well as the rules of Industrial Property, in relation to trademarks and distinctive signs (Law 17/2001, of December 7, Trademark).

On those grounds, the user agrees and undertakes to respect each and every one of the rights of Intellectual Property to protect works, content, trademarks or other distinctive signs, domain names, software, design, text, graphics, logos , icons, industrial drawings and any other features capable of being protected, which can be accessed through the website, whether owned by those responsible for and/ or third parties, whether natural or legal.

The ownership of each and every one of the rights of Intellectual Property, its graphic designs and codes and information they contain belong to Nerea Gonzalez Murillo (, unless expressly indication of a different ownership, or they have been included in the previous web page authorization from the legitimate owners.

All these intellectual works, trademarks and service marks, graphics, text, logos, icons, and generally all those signs and / or protected, or capable of being protected by utilities Law Industrial and Intellectual Property made available to the public through, and whose ownership belongs to Nerea Gonzalez Murillo (, but to third parties, whether natural or legal, have been included in the previous web page authorization from the legitimate owners.

The fact that available to the public signs and / or utilities that can be protected by the laws of Intellectual Property will not allow you to understand, in any case, that any operating license is granted them, and Nor that transmission and / or assignment of the same is made, either in whole or in part without the express written permission of the owners, whether Nerea Gonzalez Murillo (, whether third parties, natural or legal.

Ownership of the content of the website.
All illustrations, designs, icons, graphics, photographs, images and any other elements that are part of the web are the exclusive property of

The elements of this site are designed for the purpose of offering for sale the products identified with the brands we have at your disposal. Copying or use of such elements does not involve the transfer of any rights over them. In this sense, reproduction, publication, transmission, modification or distribution by any means of configuring elements (including software) of this website it is expressly prohibited.

6. Modification of the General Conditions of Use. makers reserve the right to modify, totally or partially, these Terms of Use, including, modifying or deleting the clauses they deem necessary, without notice and at the time they deem appropriate.

In the event that any of these clauses is declared fully or partially null or ineffective, by the competent authority to make such a declaration, the eventual nullity will only affect the specific provision in question, or the part of it that is invalid or ineffective, subsisting the General Conditions of Use in everything else.

7. Jurisdiction and applicable jurisdiction.

The parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, accepted as governing law of these Terms of Use the Spanish Law.

For the resolution of any disputes or disputes arising from these Terms of Use, the parties expressly agree to be submitted to the Jurisdiction of the Courts.


1. Ordering.

To order in, the user will need to connect to the website, and proceed to register or identify as a user, according to the provisions of paragraph 1 of the General Conditions Use (“Terms of Service”), each time filling in the identification or registration form that appears in the store, and following the instructions provided by the website itself.

Once registered and/ or identified user to proceed with the purchase of products, you must add the product you want to purchase the shopping cart or shopping bag, and finally proceed with the validation of the order process, according to the indications listed in Order screen.

The user holds the ability to add products to your wish list or wish list.

To users, to add products to the wishlist, no purchase is formalized process, but simply stored as custom user information, purchase products that would be reported. If the user wishes to purchase the products previously added to the wish list, you must make the ordering process in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

The validation of the order by the user expressly implies knowledge by the user of these General Terms and Conditions, and the acceptance of them as text of the contract. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded by constitute proof of all transactions between makers and potential customers.

Upon completion of the ordering process, and as soon as possible, send the user proof of purchase order and sending it to the e-mail provided by the user at the time of registration and identification. If the user is not satisfied with the information provided in such communication you may request changes thereto or cancellation of the contract.

2. Purchase procedure.

The items you wish to purchase must be selected and added to the shopping cart by clicking “add to cart”.
The shopping cart will contain the reference of the selected item, its name, size, color choice, and the price in the corresponding currency (taxes included).

NOTE: The price does not contain expressed as transport fares vary by destination.

The order form will request personal data that will be incorporated into our database in order to process the order and facilitate the construction of new shopping Similarly, you can access your personal data and information for all your orders. Remember that personal data must be indicated with accuracy to avoid confusion or incidents in the shipping / the article / s purchased. In addition, if so requested, you will be mailed and / or sms information and publications on Once completed the purchase order, and before sending the request for a summary identifying the item purchased, their total price (transport and taxes included) and shipping information. The order must be confirmed by clicking the “Confirm Order” button.

If, at the time of issuance of the order, our warehouse detects no stocks of any of the products included in it, we try to locate the product. If that is not possible, the customer will be notified immediately. In addition, the item amount overcharged be paid within days.

2.1 Purchase limit. does not allow purchases exceeding 1200 euros (or equivalent amount in the relevant currency) amount. Customers who are interested in making purchases above that amount must close an order and start another.
Should you have any questions you can contact where you will be informed about the various options to make the desired purchase.

3. Product Availability

The selection of products offered in is valid while products are visible on the website, provided they are not marked with the label “Out”, and within the limits of available stock.

If a product is exhausted or unavailable, the user holds the possibility to fill out a form indicating the product you want and e-mail in which to receive communications, responsible for committing to send mail the user at the time the requested product is available.

The completion by the user of this information request form, and by sending the information requested not purchase any formalized process, so that if the user wants to purchase the product on which it requested information , you must make the ordering process in accordance with the provisions of “placing an order” clause.

Users who, at the time that a product offered by is exhausted, or is temporarily unavailable, be marked as soon as possible with the “Sold” label does not constitute any obligations It informs the that in previous times, the product was not marked with the label “Out”.

Also, if there is a stock shortage or unavailability of an item at any time, those responsible for shall inform the clients they affect the situation, as soon as possible, in order to conclude a new delivery date or, where appropriate, for reasons of force majeure and / or inability to proceed to the cancellation of the order.
Users and customers that, if done by the customer ordered a few items having different availabilities, the deadline for issuing and shipping shall be computed and will be held as scheduled longest delivery are reported.

In exceptional cases, reserves the right to break down the order, sending the customer the items available and leaving open a second shipment with no available prior agreement to this effect between those responsible for and client, and no room understand that is obliged to reach an agreement with the client in this regard.

In any case, a delay in delivery, according to the deadlines specified, shall not entitle the customer to demand accountability and / or compensation.

4. Complaint forms. offers you the appropriate complaint forms in Urb. Miramar Parque Miramar 2, Nº 1.

5. Currency and Taxes.

Prices on this website are shown in the corresponding currency.
According to current legislation, is required to charge the taxes to all orders with delivery addresses in member countries of the European Union. The applicable tax rate is the legally relevant and depends on the destination country of your order.

For orders with a destination outside the EU, the Community corresponding tax does not apply because they are exempt from it, but taxes and / or fees for the chosen country will apply.

Once completed the purchase order, and before making the payment order, a final summary identifying the / the article / s purchased / s and its total price (taxes and shipping included). gives users the option to choose the destination country to start their order so they can see the prices taxes included. If subsequently the delivery address is changed and the country of destination is changed, the prices shown in the final summary of the order may vary.