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I was wrong to make the Back Order. Can I change it?

Although Nerea GMurillo try everything is explained as clearly as possible, we are aware that it is still shopping, and can produce confusion when choosing the product. So if you’ve made a mistake do not worry, we’ll fix it. Contact us here and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Can I return my purchase?

Yes. For that you must contact Nerea GMurillo here, and we will respond as soon as possible. The deadline for any refund is 1 calendar month from the receipt of shipment. The amount of the refund shall be paid in the same manner in which they were purchased.

There have been a mistake, you have sent me something I did not order

In Nerea GMurillo we can make mistakes unintentionally. It is not common, but may on occasion may occur. If this happens, do not worry, please contact us indicating the reference of your order and the error that has occurred and we will fix it. To do this, you can contact us here.

How to do a return?

Nerea GMurillo provides the same return policy that receipt of the shipment, this means that for full refund is made, the jewel and all that entails, packaging, etc. It must be in perfect condition.

Nerea GMurillo reserves the right to refuse returns communicated not by the means indicated and/or sent after the deadline.